Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m Kate. I’m a former Naval officer, former D1 athlete, and current NARP (Nominally Athletic Regular Person). I’m moderately good, but rarely an expert, at a wide array of outdoor activities. I really enjoy pushing myself physically and appreciating nature’s beauty (and if I can do both at the same time, that’s the sweet spot!) One of my brothers was recently just getting into road biking, and I had so many recommendations to give, but didn’t want to overwhelm him. I decided to start a little blog instead.

Why an outdoor gear blog when there are already a bunch of those?

  • Because I’m a NARP (you probably are too, statistically speaking. We can’t all be Olympians, people) and I’ve found that most gear review sites will either give you:

    1. Questionable reliability: an anonymous, short-winded, typo-riddled blurb (does that Amazon reviewer even run/bike/do whatever it is they’re reviewing?)

    2. Unrelatability: something written by a pro (okay, so you loved how lightweight your sleeping bag was that time you backpacked 3,000 miles along the PCT. Awesome- but not relevant to most of us).

    I’m not a pro, but I’m not totally inexperienced either. I think I’m a generally relatable amateur who can dish up the dirty deets that the 99% are looking for.

  • Because over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different brands and types of gear and have grown in a number of different sports and outdoor activities from being pretty newbie, to becoming what I’d describe as a solid amateur (a real NARP) with opinions on what you need when you’re just starting out. Often you don’t need the top of the line stuff right away- I can help point you to what works for beginners and why. But when you’ve got some experience under your belt, maybe got a promotion at work and find yourself with a little bit of cash to upgrade your gear, I can offer advice on that transition for many different activities as well.

This blog is for beginners, intermediates, all my NARPs out there, weekenders, and everyone in between. I’m always growing and learning, too, and hope to learn a thing or two from others throughout the course of this project. My goal is to be helpful to someone, share some of my experiences growing as an athlete and outdoorswoman, and to connect with other outdoorsy folks out there doing whatever it is that brings you joy.

Thanks for reading this, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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